Check out that log in your eye

Is Obama a Muslim?

You might as well ask whether Bush was Shinto or Muslim, supported gay rights, and used profanity freely. But do we really want to question the religious sincerity of The Chosen One? I don’t think so. (Trivia question: which linked article is the fake one?)

This is about as serious as the question of whether Anne Rice or Glenn Beck is a Christian. It is a serious problem because we should not be taking cues on how to worship from the president, a lapsed-Catholic novelist, or a Mormon talk show host.

We also don’t need a national shrine in New York City. Since I don’t believe that anything in New York City is sanctified, I don’t care what kind of buildings they put there. Likewise, I don’t consider “In God We Trust” to be a Christian motto. Just yesterday I saw a sanctified “In God We Trust” license plate in a license plate holder that said “R U LDS 2?” Christians who claim it as their holy motto don’t seem to realize that they are chanting it alongside all the Mormons, unsaved Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Deists, and emperor-worshippers.
But idolatry is nothing new for Protestant Christians. Most of them consider “Merry Christmas” to be a Biblical doctrinal statement; they thought The Passion of the Christ was a good witnessing tool; and they promoted Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed for use in Bible study. They got all frothy about The Da Vinci Code but they ignore the revisionist history authorized by the Catholic Church. Obama is said to be the most vicious dictator in history, yet all the Republicans who supported the Patriot Act were noble, God-fearing constitutionalists. Obama’s stimulus packages are destroying our nation, but Bush’s bailout was necessary and righteous.

I think a better question would be, are any Americans Christian?


12 thoughts on “Check out that log in your eye

  1. Obam is neither Christian nor Muslim. He hasn’t a religious bone in his body. He is a power crazed Marxist revolutionary with only one goal – to destroy the Republic. He violates the Constitution on a daily basis and surrounds himself with a shadow government of others like himself. He has no respect for the Separation of Powers or for the sanctity of human life as his voting record clearly establishes.

    What I fear most is a crisis he might precipitate before the November elections, a crisis that could enable marshal law and the suspension of habeas corpus.

    He is the mortal enemy of the Judeo-Christian ethic that built Western Civilization just as are Paul Zachary Myers and Clinton Richard Dawkins. Our enemies are within as well as without this once great nation. It is questionable if they can be defeated and those who underestimate the power of these evil practitioners of class warfare and divisiveness are making a serious mistake.

    Brigitte Gabriel’s book “They Must Be Stopped” correctly identifies our adversaries and their motives. We have a Jihadist in the Oval Office!

    The next few months are critical for the future of the Republic and we should take nothing for granted.

  2. I agree about Obama’s religiosity to the extent that, like Bush and Clinton, Obama worships primarily the State.

    I don’t think as individuals that we are in greater danger now from the federal government than we have been for the last nine years. It’s just a shift in emphasis.

    These folks have to tack right, then left, then back again in order to make progress. Rather than be distracted by their small course corrections, we should focus on the overall trends in the last twenty years to destabilize the economy and scare people into dependence on the federal government.

  3. Dave

    I am sorry that you do not recognize Obama for what he is. He is the only truly dangerous President in our history. We are in greater danger now than ever before.

    George W. Bush will be remembered as a great President provided Iraq remains a democracy. To establish an Arab democracy in the Middle East was a great achievement. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will last.

    Obama would like nothing more than to see Israel destroyed. He hates Israel for the same reason he hates the USA. He is a power crazed radical. He offered no encouragement to the dissidents in Iran. I repeat, we have a Jihadist in the White House.

    Let me add that it is insane for us to spill our blood in Afghanistan. The Taliban and the Pakistanis both hate our guts. We have not a single ally in the Muslim World. I agree with Salvador Dali –

    “Let my enemies devour each other.”

    Nation building will destroy us and we must stop trying to be the world’s policeman.

    The only cause worthy of our intervention is the preservation of Israel, the only other true Democracy on the face of the earth. Obama won’t lift a finger to defend Israel. Western Europe is a socialist failure and Russia is a corrupt dictatorship. I hope that the Russians will, like we Americans, rise up against the tyranny with which both countries are being subjected. Russia is a powder keg for the same reason the USA is. Both nations are losing their freedom and the people of both countries have had just about enough!

    Of course this is just my opinion.

  4. Nation building is absolutely a mistake. That is why there are no excuses for GW Bush or Obama.

    So far Obama looks like another Jimmy Carter. He’ll probably fizzle out and become known to history mostly for what he does afterward.

    Unless, of course, he manages to engineer a national emergency and use the powers that his buddy Bush set up for him in the Patriot Act. Oppressing the people is a tag team match between the two colors of aristocrats.

  5. Dave,

    Thanks for allowing me to express my opinions. That is all that matters in the long run, especially in the highly polarized world of internet communication where adversaries are typically ignored or worse, denigrated and banished when their views conflict with those of the blog head.

    My primary interest is in the mechanism of organic evolution, but I see a common feature shared by Barack Hussein Obama, Clinton Richard Dawkins and Paul Zachary Myers. They are all godless liberals with naked contempt for the institutions that created Western Civilization. As such they are my enemies as I am theirs.

    “If you tell the truth, you can be certain, sooner or later, to be found out.”
    Oscar Wilde

  6. It’s too much work to manage a blog as a vehicle for forming certain ideological viewpoints among all the visitors. If I were besieged by non-spamming trolls, though, I suppose I would have to get serious about it. In the meantime, I encourage a plurality of viewpoints within the limits established by my personal interests.

    I don’t necessarily see you as an adversary; for example:

    I disagree on the question of whether “macro” evolution occurred, but I don’t think that matters as much as the question of its significance. On that matter, I think we’re in agreement. Moreover, I have no problem with the study of the mechanism of organic evolution, such as it is.

    I think godless liberals are intrinsically irrelevant. They deliberately choose irrelevancy, for example, by opposing population growth; opposing economic development; promoting moral relativism and ethical idealism; and promoting cultural instability. The current crop of godless liberals are losers who will be completely forgotten by history.

    Now then, if anyone in the US or UK disregards the intellectual history of Western civilization, I say they deserve contempt; but I also reserve that criticism for some so-called conservatives.

  7. Dave

    The important thing about evolution is the overwhelming evidence that it is no longer occurring. There hasn’t been a new Genus in two million years and my challenges to name a new species and its extant immediate ancestor has gone unanswered. As for macroevolution, that is also no longer occurring but most certainly did in the remote past.

    In short –

    “A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolution undemonstrable.”

    The Darwinians see evolution in action everywhere they look but are unable to document a single example of its occurrence at the present time. They confuse adaptation with evolution. They also insist on gradualism when not a single taxonomic step ever took place gradually. Thanks for letting me present my heresies here.

    I will go away now, content that you have allowed me to speak, something very few blogs will permit. I really have nothing more to say.

    Best regards,

  8. I have a book out of my unpublished essays on evolution. It is available from Lulu publishers –

    “Unpublished Evolution Papers of John A. Davison”

    It can speak for me.

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