Liberal fascism is coming

Florida Pastor Terry Jones Still Plans Quran Burning –

The pastor of a small Florida church who has pledged to incinerate copies of the Quran on Sept. 11 said Wednesday he would press ahead with the plan, despite pleas from the Obama administration, U.S. military officials, the Vatican and religious leaders around the world.

Imagine that: leaders from throughout the “free world” are condemning this guy.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the church’s actions “disgraceful” in a speech Wednesday to the Council on Foreign Relations. Protests against the plan have also come from the Republican and Democratic candidates for Florida governor, as well as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, Muslim media from Turkey to Afghanistan warned that burning the sacred text of Islam could deepen animosity toward the West. . .

“America must contain this pastor if it wants to avoid a confrontation with the Muslim world,” Mohsen Pak Aien, the head of Organization for Islamic Culture and Communication, told Iran’s Tabnak news website.

Fars News, a news agency affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, carried a statement by a senior Iranian cleric warning President Barack Obama that he would have to bear responsibility for the actions of Mr. Jones if the Quran is burned on Saturday.

“The dangers of this despicable action are clear to all. It will ignite massive fires of anger and hatred toward America. The U.S. government and president will be held accountable if this happens in their country,” said Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Sadeghi Golpaygani, according to Fars News.

What do you think they might do–fly airplanes into skyscrapers? Put bombs in their underwear? Burn US flags in the street? Shoot at US soldiers?

Should the US president act like the dictatorial leaders of the “Muslim” countries, where anyone causing trouble is censored, beaten, and tortured? This is well documented in Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia (Chechnya). Not necessarily because the governments are Muslim, but rather because the governments are scared of their own Muslims.

Yes, democracy is scary to people who like to keep order. American politicians like to say to leaders of other countries, “You must be more democratic blah blah blah more democracy blah blah blah.” See how well that worked out in Iraq and Palestine. See how well it’s working in areas where the Tea Party is lively. See how well liberal democracy is working in Gainesville, Florida.

Oh nooo! Not THAT KIND of democracy! Not the kind of democracy where the people we hate are allowed to say whatever they want! Time to get out the rubber bullets and ringwraith costumes! This is what the famous author called “liberal fascism.” Liberalism and tolerance and free speech and defiling religious icons is good and wonderful and fun, right up until the wacko with the gun shows up, and then it’s time to bring the hammer down.

What a bunch of bloody hypocrites the liberals are. A bunch of whiny, stupid hypocrites. I would much rather live with uptight but conscientious conservative Christians, and let the liberals entertain me from afar.

Speaking of entertaining liberals, my buddy PZ at least has the wherewithal to stand up for his principles:

Setting the Koran on fire, vs. setting personal liberties on fire


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