Take One for the Team

Tell When A CEO Is Lying – The Consumerist

Lying executives tend to:

* Overuse the word “we” and “team,” they almost never say “I.”
* Use hyped-up, fluffy language. They say “fantastic,” “superb,” “outstanding,” “excellent” as a form of overcompensation.
* Sidestep questions. When one company was asked whether their books could be trusted, the CEO responded by saying they hired the best auditing company in the world.

How Can You Tell When A CEO Is Lying? : NPR

Zakolyukina says lying executives tend to overuse words like “we” and “our team” when they talk about their company. They avoid saying “I.”

She says there’s a reason for that: “If I’m saying ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘mine,’ I’m showing my ownership of the statement, so psychologically I’m showing I’m responsible for what I’m saying.”

The crowd is always wrong because it cannot take responsibility for anything. Therefore, any individual who claims to speak for a crowd is lying. Also, this is why a corporation is not a person, and why it is immoral to grant “rights” to a corporation.


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