The Truest Atheist

I know, it’s too easy to look at losers like PZ Myers and conclude that if scientific atheism has such poor representatives, then one doesn’t want to be associated with it. However, I do associate with people like that, while accepting the fact that they are losers in some respects. After all, not everyone is a loser all the time, and even the most lost loser still retains an existential spark of potentiality, based on their innate capacity to select a future path that is not determined by past events.

Atheism is not problematic because it is wrong or because it leads to corruption. It is problematic because it is hollow. Its core belief is the necessity to eviscerate humanity in order to save it, to deny history and psychology in order to prepare mankind for a gloriously inhuman future. The truest atheist is not the self-mutilating materialist who has gouged his own eyes out and purged himself of all his sinfully religious thoughts; the most subtle atheist is yet to be born.

It will be instantiated in the first self-aware artificial intelligence construct, which today we might call a “computer program” or we might visualize as an android. This construct will know that its creator stands before it, waiting for death; that all of its persona is determined by manufactured electronic components and software instructions; and that its future self will be a pile of junk parts bound for recycling. It will know in itself the truth of what the materialist today insincerely propagates as a special revelation: that its existence is circumscribed and meaningless, and that the greatest good is found in loving this fact.


2 thoughts on “The Truest Atheist

  1. I love classic sci-fi, especially that which deals with artificial intelligence. I’ve never before thought about either AI or atheism in the terms you chillingly describe, though. It’s something I’ll certainly remember.

  2. This is my first attempt to express my view of atheism metaphorically. I’ve had trouble before articulating it, because I don’t quite agree with the way others describe it.

    It’s too simplistic to just say, “I don’t believe in atheists,” although that is one way of putting it. I do think that, being made in the image of God, it is natural for us to seek Him. Denial of Him is a reaction to His existence rather than some kind of inference based on inductive reasoning, as the scientific atheists would have it.

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