The honorable babies

The Squeezing of the Middle Class | The Lonely Conservative

WHY? Why would I continue to deny my own happiness, when my sense of honor only gets me punished? When it’s what everyone else counts on in order to make their flawed scheme work? What do I owe, here? To whom do I owe it really? I spent my entire life putting other people and my financial obligations ahead of my happiness, ahead of my chance to live while I’m here on the earth and not just exist in some gray zone, making sure MY bills are paid.

I would never have imagined, three years ago, that I would resent the very, very rich and the less fortunate. Both of them are doing just fine, it’s us in the middle who are being crushed only because we managed to stay in the middle. With no help, by the way. Under our own steam. Never asked for a thing, swallowed the disappointments and kept working and paying bills. Did all of these things because our value systems said it was right and we are not owed anything. And my government, those who insist on “governing” me are so disconnected from it, are so oblivious to the rising desperation in the country. We don’t matter.

Well, I’m Egypt tonight. I’ve had it. It’s unthinkable for me—a responsible, honorable, traditional, independent woman—to entertain the idea of just walking away.

Oh, my! Whatever will the responsible, honorable, traditional, independent people do? Do you think they might beg for a government handout? The prophet of the Galtistas would call that a less spectacular revolt. I’m revolted already.


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