Fake Patriots

What forces might be fully unleashed beyond Egypt’s borders if the Mubarak government is replaced by one far less inclined toward restraining its denizens?

[Andrew Bostom]

Indeed! Who knows what these animals would do if there were not some vicious autocrat to keep them under control?

The conservatives in the US are shameful. They are disgusting. They are hypocritical and morally bankrupt. They are not my “brothers in Christ.”

Understand that I have no love for Islam: I believe that it is heretical and absolutely false. It provides cover for a sinful lust for power. I also have no illusions about international diplomacy: I believe it should be conducted tactfully but forcefully, always pragmatically supporting US interests, as against “global” interests.

But this frothing, mindless, anti-libertarian attitude is thoroughly sickening. The people promoting it are not just advocating for US interests; they are explicitly calling for the enslavement of everyone they hate.

I don’t think their opinions matter at all in terms of events happening in other countries, so in that sense it doesn’t matter how stupid they are. I’m just appalled by how easily they slide into a justification of totalitarianism, on the grounds that some people are so barbaric and primitive that they need to be treated like subhumans and kept under the heel of some greedy, bloodthirsty psychopath.

These are the same kinds of people who rationalized American slavery from the colonial period up to the Civil War. They are the same kinds of people who held bureaucratic positions under Stalin or Pol Pot, rationalizing that all those poor, dumb peasants needed to be kept under control, even if they had to be massacred. These are the same kinds of people who lived next door to a concentration camp and rationalized that, after all, the scum had to be kept locked up before they were exterminated.

No, they weren’t the “killers” or the “loyal party members”–they were the enablers in the general populace who enjoyed their personal privileges and were glad to watch someone else suffering instead. They are the strongest evidence that democracy does not bring freedom–because when these Americans vote, they will always vote for the man who brings order, regardless of how many “lowlifes” he has to kill, torture, or imprison.  I spit on them and their fake patriotism.


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