A Democracy of Virtuous Men Is Needed

Qaddafi Pulling Out All Stops to Keep Hold on Power – FoxNews.com

“(The) brother leader of the revolution has issued a decision to promote all members of the armed people who are currently drafted in his various military units for their heroic and courageous fight against the crusader, colonialist assault,” Libyan TV said in a written statement, according to Reuters.

This is the hero of the brain-dead, amnesiac, two-timing idiots posing as “conservatives” in the US now. They are not merely alarmingly stupid, they are dangerously ignorant of how easily they are manipulated. Every motivation that smells of politics is rotten, and will eventually infect the purest heart with vicious hatred of the good.

No, it is not our responsibility to oust Reagan’s pet rogue; yet, neither are we required to succumb to islamaphobic anxiety every time a wicked dictator cries wolf. US foreign policy has had a successful run of pragmatism concurrent with its propaganda against fantastic bogeymen, going back I would say to the Spanish-American War. However, sometimes US military training exercises, such as the current one over Libya, have an air of desperation, like a wounded dog lashing out at its weakest attacker.

Meanwhile, the Arab world is seething with a glorious anarchism. Surely it will lead to much uncertainty in international politics, maybe a couple of Somalia-type situations. We will see if the Arabs have the character that they have proclaimed for hundreds of years or if they will fall apart and descend into pagan savagery. In the meantime, the US should actively disengage from the region for the next 50 years or so, until the idea of a democracy of virtuous men has time to take hold on the Arab imagination.


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