Marginalizing Reality

Derailing for Dummies

What this enables you to ignore is the reality of the power dynamic involved. Language reclaimation is a means by which Marginalised People™ gain back some power they are traditionally denied by taking control of words used to demean and discriminate against them. When these words come from Privileged People®, there is a long and very serious negative history behind them that cannot be divorced from the words themselves. Thus, when Privileged People® employ these words, they are perpetuating that history and the psychology behind the word. They are exercising oppressive power that have become inherent to those words – a power Marginalised People™ seek to subvert and dismantle when they use them.

This web page has a wonderful variety of sarcastic put-downs for Privileged People®. Although I am, by almost any account, one of those Privileged People®, my consciousness has not been raised by reading this page. Basically, it’s just too full of Marxist flim-flam.

I was marginalized for years, and self-flagellating liberals never cared, because it was too easy to typecast me as “privileged.” I think I got over it.

People who continue to categorize themselves as “marginalized” deserve all the benefits of that label, including condescending concessions from Privileged People® in the form of special laws, rights, and accommodations. Like most people who benefit disproportionately from social leverage, they would be simply using whatever social resources are available to them to compensate for personal deficiencies. This is the CEO Axiom of Social Status, which explains why incompetent managers who repeatedly fail should be paid 2000 times more than competent low-status desk jockeys.

Today I spent the evening with a marginalized family. They are marginalized partly by choice and partly by the insensitivity of others, as is normally the case. I’d like to congratulate myself and my wife on being open-minded and gracious (as we were told), but really we had a negative attitude towards these people and their peculiarities both before and after. The only difference between us and others was that we were willing to visit this family and talk with them in a civil manner, showing them a certain amount of respect. 

That’s more than I was ever shown by people who have marginalized me. But, since I fit the stereotype of a Privileged Person®, that doesn’t really matter to the self-righteous Defenders of the Marginalized. And, seriously, I no longer feel marginalized, nor do I hold a grudge. I just find it disingenuous and dishonest when these crusaders for special treatment start in on their little song-and-dance to avoid personal responsibility.






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