The Art of Wasting Time

Ben Wilson Makes Art Out of Chewing Gum on London Sidewalks –

Mr. Wilson said he did not mind if his paintings were washed away or torn up for repaving or ruined by urban grime. “Everything is transitory,” he said. “What’s important is the creative process.”

It sounds like the artist is wasting his time. Of course, almost all art is wasting time. Almost all writing and music is wasting time. All entertainment is wasting time. All social activity is wasting time. Most “economic” activity is wasting time, and most income is disproportionately large compared to the value of the actual time spent productively, the value of the product, or the value of the service.

Most of life is wasted time, and most of nature is wasted resources. Maybe our narrowly defined objectives and superficial understanding of reality lead us to judge things based on how instrumental they are for us, rather than how they may be instrumental in a greater plan.


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