Leaving Babylon

Viewpoints: Racist cartoon of Obama forces me to leave GOP – Sacramento Opinion – Sacramento Editorial | Sacramento Bee

These are not issues which pit moderate against conservative views, but rather consequential matters which transcend political positioning and speak to universal human values.

There are a number of Republicans (and Democrats) who will view my switch to “decline to state” as a net gain for the Democratic Party. However, I reject the theory of zero-sum politics which claim we live in a binary world of Democrats and Republicans, where a lack of support for one side works only to empower the other.

Having now been active in both major political parties, I’ve discovered the common prohibited activity is critical thinking.

President Ronald Reagan once famously said, “I did not leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me,” and I can now say that I have been abandoned by both Democrats and Republicans.

In order to stay true to myself, my family and values, the only rational, responsible option is independence.

Does anyone believe that “doing politics” in the US does not require choosing one of two party platforms and identifying with one of two groups of shallow-minded, manipulative, unethical hypocrites?


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