Blogging Is Not Writing

This is why blogging is a waste of time:

John Mayer 2011 Clinic – “Manage the Temptation to Publish Yourself” – Berklee Blogs

Mayer realized that pouring creativity into smaller, less important, promotional outlets like twitter not only distracted him from focusing on more critical endeavors like his career, it also narrowed his mental capacity for music and writing intelligent songs.

Teaching something requires one to stop doing it and instead focus on making a coherent presentation. Likewise, writing a topical blog requires one to focus on making a coherent presentation of an opinion about someone else’s opinion, or an opinion about some irrelevant event that happens to spark some interest. Original creative thought or rigorously sourced logical writing are subordinated to entertainment or useless ranting.

Although twitter was his most frequent whipping boy, Mayer also targeted the urgency beginning artists feel to update their blogs and youtube channels with new songs or videos to maintain steady flows of interest for their work. Instead, Mayer explained that he found the separation of creation and promotion necessary in his own career, saying “as you start playing music you’re going to stop thinking about getting better. As soon as you flip the switch into showing other people your music, for some reason, the other brain sort of goes away.”

This is the distinction between doing something, that is, accomplishing an end, and doing politics. Politics, for people who are not politicians, is either a matter of trivial self-expression or a matter of promotion. That is why a focus on politics/promotion makes one dumber and more desperate.

“You got the distraction of being able to publish yourself immediately, and it is a distraction if you’re not done producing what the product is going to be that you’re going to someday use the promotion to sell…I had to go through the same thing I’m talking to you about – what you have to go through – which is to completely manage all the distraction. Manage the temptation of publishing yourself.”


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