Shop a Moron

The London police have pictures of rioters, including one apparently showing the complicity of a certain Kentucky Colonel:

Some rioters are well fed.

The Sun invites readers to Shop a Moron:

Trouble-makers are handing out leaflets telling yobs not to panic if they are caught on CCTV.

The A5 sheets wrongly advise: “The photos are not necessarily evidence.”

Of course, they are evidence that some Anglo-Saxons must have barbarian genetic heritage, otherwise they would not have committed uncivilized acts that apparently have nothing to do with soccer.

A rioter sought by London police. He's wishing he was at a soccer game, because riots don't have enough ultraviolence.

The quote used by The Sun apparently comes from this guy, a pseudo-anarchist professor who wants to help malcontents become better criminals:

A barbarian professor who is caught on the horns of a dilemma: To be a criminal and risk getting caught, or to help other criminals avoid getting caught?

Here’s a picture that shows the vicious racial antipathy and uncontrolled barbarism of the rioters:

Crazed African barbarians on the rampage.

And further evidence of their depravity:

One reporter pointed out that in Clapham where the shopping area had been picked clean, the only shop left unlooted and untouched was the book shop.


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