Political Evolution

Andrew Sullivan: How Obama’s Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics – The Daily Beast

The great conservative bugaboo, Obamacare, is also far more moderate than its critics have claimed. The Congressional Budget Office has projected it will reduce the deficit, not increase it dramatically, as Bush’s unfunded Medicare Prescription Drug benefit did. It is based on the individual mandate, an idea pioneered by the archconservative Heritage Foundation, Newt Gingrich, and, of course, Mitt Romney, in the past. It does not have a public option; it gives a huge new client base to the drug and insurance companies; its health-insurance exchanges were also pioneered by the right. It’s to the right of the Clintons’ monstrosity in 1993, and remarkably similar to Nixon’s 1974 proposal.

Yeah, I thought I was semi-retired from this blog, but occasionally something reminds me of the self-righteousstupid stupidityself-righteousness of my friend The Cisco Kid, or Jimmy Cranknfurter, or whatever he’s calling himself now. I don’t have any problem with him taking his positions, because it is obvious why he has to take them, since he is just following the instincts selected for during his political/psychological evolution. But blatantly false statements of fact, such as the “conservative” nonsense surrounding Obamacare, should be corrected. I sincerely believe it is in one’s best interest to use accurate statements of fact, even when lying, propagandizing, or otherwise acting out on one’s political instincts.

Cranknfurter’s big complaint with me was that I had suddenly revealed my socialist dark side on the issue of government subsidies for health insurance corporations. Well, my position is and was nothing more than a refutation of the socialist dark side of the “conservatives” (who were wailing and gnashing their teeth about death panels and communist takeovers a couple of years ago). Anyone who favors using the power of a sovereign government to take from the working poor and subsidize the wealthy parasites may be a “conservative” socialist, a “free enterprise” whore, a “libertarian” fascist, or a “righteous” hypocrite, but they have nothing useful to say about human dignity and civil liberty.

Gingrich Called for ObamaCare Mandate in May 2009


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