Your god Is Fake

Why do I relentlessly insult people who love politics? Because the pretense that the game of politics is important indicates stupidity. Now then, you might say, is not Ron Paul a politician? Yes, of course, but he is so anarchistic I can’t help but enjoy his rhetoric. He has a great sense of irony, as if he really does not consider politics to be sacred (that includes his own politics).

Truly, the political process is not sacred. It does not discover truth; it does not cause goodness; it does not create life; it does not ensure liberty or justice; it does not reward integrity. At best, it maintains peace and order for awhile so that real life can thrive. But for some people that is not enough; they need a concrete manifestation of their ideals that they can worship, an idol that they can entrust with their soul. “The government” as an autonomous institution must reflect their personal vision of moral perfection, else they would lose the will to live in this corrupt world. That is why monarchy would best reconcile their neurotic anxieties, as it always has for most people; but some cannot endorse the mystical ability of a glorious leader to channel the will of the volk.

So then, imaginary radicals are left with the need to constantly obsess over a mystical, pseudo-democratic political process that they barely understand and can only influence through magical slogans and “vote voodoo.” If they have some public platform, they can relieve their anxieties by compulsively massaging public opinion. If they have some effective authority, they can act on their desire to manipulate others and attempt to engineer some utopian joy. This is all there is to politics: superstition, propaganda, and manipulation. The resemblance to an atheist parody of religion is not accidental. Everything the atheist despises about religion is contained in its political implications, because the practicing atheist worships at the same altar as the “values voter,” but their idols are in competition for space.


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