Generating Sociopathy

Call of Apathy: Violent Young Men and Our Place in War » Medium Difficulty

Next time you watch a military documentary, ask yourself why only 3 or 4 men are ever interviewed from a unit. The answer?

The rest of them are like me.

There’s a reason the new guy always gets put on point and nobody really cares when he gets blown up, that so many incidents of collateral damage go unreported, that failed missions are spun into something positive like gathering “valuable intel,” and why only roughly 20% of combat troops ever get PTSD – when if you think about it, it should affect everyone that ever sees combat.

It’s because the vast majority of us are straight up sociopaths.

I previously stated this about the military and law enforcement:

Fundamentally, the police and the military attract and develop sociopaths.

The fact that some people are disturbed by this fact is relevant to their distorted notion of what society is. Some people think society is a nursery room, where the people keeping order are intrinsically good and smart, and the people who aren’t doing what they’re told need to be smacked around a little until they cooperate. Meanwhile, the self-righteous enfants merdique pontificate about the need for the other babies to obey the nannies.


2 thoughts on “Generating Sociopathy

  1. Finally. An accurate military report. But blaming his condition on video games is a cop-out. Blatant rejection of God would be more accurate.

  2. He doesn’t say that anywhere. He says that videogames should be more violent, to reflect the realities of war:

    War is the most horrific, sickening thing mankind can inflict upon itself, fought by and large by uneducated maniacs that have no other place in the world. Videogames have the attention of the youth and can educate as well as entertain. The real horrors need to be made very public to keep the next generation from turning out like us.

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