The Exploiters Hate Anarchy

Here’s a nice explanation for why most people hate anarchists:

Society is an emergent structure resulting from the cooperation among its members, and exploiters need society to survive, even if they do not contribute to it. Thus they are specially sensitive to the destruction of society precisely because, being selfish agents, society is their only source of survival.

Traditionally, this model of “exploiters” is turned against welfare queens. However, it applies just as well to Galtistas, those phony libertarians who tremble at the thought that someone will overturn the pig trough and leave them crying. There is no proof that anyone in the top tier of assets or income has earned their wealth in a transactional sense; that is why they always despise any effort to dislodge the feedbag, anything that will throw them onto their personal resources apart from the cooperation of witless underlings.


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