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Canadian Press Tells Us What Really Happened in Cartagena – And It Wasn’t About Prostitutes and Secret Service

Failure to report a story is disappointing. But I believe the NY Times and the stories reported on CNN are designed to fog the issue and mislead us, to lie to us. Is it a lie? I have to say yes. Why? Because they are the New York Times, and they know the difference as to twist and fog the facts as they did was certainly intentional. They do know what’s going on.

This is why I don’t subscribe to the New York Times or watch Fox News. It isn’t because they are “extreme.” It’s because they are fake. They pander to a certain type of political animal that likes to see a slant in their news, to reassure them that they have an important opinion, even though that opinion is irrelevant, ill-informed, and boring.

The details of this story also demonstrate the problem with making claims about “media coverups.” All it takes is one source to make a smokescreen, and then a bunch of other media outlets will obediently follow. There is no coverup if readers are too stupid to check other sources of information.


2 thoughts on “Daily Dish

  1. Thanks for the link on Cartagena. That’s a very interesting story.

    From the same perspective, I did a little experiment during the winter. I checked the evening news casts for all the major networks each night for five nights. (I couldn’t stand it any longer than that.) With only one or two exceptions, each night they all carried exactly the same four or five stories, then they each had one fluff story different from the others.

    Of all the things happening in the world, it cannot be random coincidence that they all cover exactly the same things – and don’t cover exactly the same things. It’s not so much media coverup as it is state-run news for the sheeples.

  2. Yes, over the last 30 years I’ve come to the conclusion that our form of democracy relies on certain things to continue functioning smoothly. It isn’t necessarily good, but to the extent we have political and economic stability, it is probably due to deceptions like this.

    That’s why I’m pretty cynical about politics: truth and virtue don’t really seem to be conducive to stable government; a majority of the population cannot have above average intelligence; and most political talk has no bearing on practical affairs. So, there is necessarily a disconnect between political action and ethical action.

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