The Deformed American Conscience

Egyptians choose their leader for first time in 5,000 years – Telegraph

There were few overt signs of celebration on this, the first of two days of voting in Egypt’s presidential elections, at how everything had changed.

There was enthusiasm that voters would get to choose their leader for the first time in 5,000 years of glorious history, but no whoops or fireworks.

Some reactionaries in the US railed against the “Arab Spring” because, they said, we cannot trust Arabs to choose their own leaders. They need a pliable tyrant who will enact US foreign policy on his own soil, because that’s the American way. Puppet autocrats, we were told, are the only guarantee against attacks by a frothing mob of barbarians who hate our freedoms.

I agree that democracy does not find truth or justice, in Egypt or anywhere else. But it just shows a seething hatred of American principles to state that we follow them not because we think they are right, but because something in our genetic or cultural predisposition makes us inherently superior; and that the lesser races must be accordingly bound and whipped in order to discipline their vicious natures.

Anyone who uses “Baptist talk” or “libertarianism” to justify that view is far away from acknowledging a Biblical view of Christian liberty. It is merely a political rationalization for sadism.

Most political talk is good for nothing, because it accomplishes nothing. In that sense, it is also harmless, except when it deforms the individual’s character. Political talk about a different sovereign nation is even less significant than political talk about a distant central government. Nevertheless, because these cretins claim to be part of “our” society, we have to deal with the bad effects of their warped morality on ourselves and our children.


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