Smells Like ASD

I am (believe it or don’t) still pursuing the task of an alternative translation of a portion of Der Untergang des Abendlandes. Not having any real familiarity with the source of Spengler’s ideas or the structure of his thought, though, I have felt compelled to read secondary sources to provide perspective. This feeling of never quite having enough data, of course, can be paralyzing; my objective is to actually produce a draft translation of my chosen excerpt after finishing two secondary sources and a word study of significant terms.

One of the obstacles to completing this particular task is the need to pursue my many other divergent interests.* Some years ago I settled on a strategy of “plurality of focus” in order to balance the demands of life, the demands of my roving attention, and my uneasiness with shallow, narrow-minded people. The demands of life are always multifocal and contradictory, except for those who deliberately separate themselves from humanity (and here I include also those who separate themselves from their own humanity). My roving attention is such that after being fully immersed in a text or perspective, I yearn for its antinomy. My uneasiness with myopic, flattened people has led me over the years to flee any social situation where it seems I am in danger of becoming caricatured.

This last behavior I had formerly attributed to being inordinately smart or growing up displaced, but later I determined that it is more likely a social abscess (due to some kind of impairment) that I have simply scabbed over with habits of avoidance. I have always been shunned by “normal” people as being too smart in an alien way, while also being disdained by tech geeks and intellectuals** as an incompetent dilettante. Recently I have been confronted with numerous opinions from flattened people expressing their resentment at anyone who collects data or contemplates its meaning. This is disturbing, but only to the extent that I have to control my tongue.

*Presently including Derrida’s deconstructionism, Hegelian theology, dispensational theology, Reformed theology, synthetic Bible study methods, Aristotle’s Rhetoric, Richard Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences, semiotic engineering, modern textual theory, the history of American philosophy, twentieth-century philosophical naturalism, philosophy of science, Roger Penrose’s theory of time, Thorleif Boman’s theology, interstitial cystitis, autism spectrum disorders, theory of mind, Korzybski’s general semantics, user interaction design theory, blues guitar, and carpentry.
**I am not intellectual in a social, cultural, or academic sense, only in a purely technical sense that myopic flatlanders might call “intellectual.”

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