Sociopath du jour

NRA News has already addressed Newtown –

On Friday, the day of the shooting, NRA News host Cam Edwards attributed the shooting not to the availability of guns but to an absence of love, an argument similar to the one made by former Gov. Mike Huckabee on Fox News that same day.

“I don’t think the issue is an issue: I don’t think the issue is parenting, or Hollywood, or guns, or rap music, or young men…. It is the foundational stuff… whether it’s a lack of love, a lack of empathy for others, an apathy,” Edwards said.

Liberty without virtue is commonly denoted as criminality.

There is a fundamental and irrevocable flaw in American “conservative” libertarianism, which is an inherited Enlightenment assumption about the ability of a society to inculcate virtue. This libertarian notion is unlike another, contrary, notion about natural virtue (i.e., the “inner light” of liberal theology); rather, it is the assumption that if individuals are allowed to create their own agrarian landholds, free of the corruptions of elitist despots or of parasitic itinerant workmen, they will organically develop into virtuous, self-made, enlightened, brave, unselfish, reverent, moderately wealthy patriots. It is, of course, an ineluctably middle-class myth; and, like all dreams of the middle class, it relies implicitly on the beneficent patronage of an activist national government, one with the explicit program of funding and nurturing the middle class until it overwhelms the entire society, at least figuratively.

So, this mythology blinds the libertarian into endlessly blaming others for his personal failure to achieve the Jeffersonian ideal in law, or to instantiate it in a concrete, permanent form in practice. Nevertheless, at least he recognizes that criminality is uncontrollable without a socially binding virtuosity, one that exceeds the naive impotence of the lawgiver.

The lawgiver must of necessity flail hopelessly at weaving an ever-tighter web of laws, in order to ensure that every potential criminal (i.e., everyone under the sovereignty of the state) can be seized and paralyzed at the moment the silk thread begins to tremble. (It might be convenient to characterize the lawgiver as “liberal”, but the same fantastic web is imagined by the moralistic “conservative”, as in the case of abortion laws that supposedly prevent murderous intentions.)

Inevitably, gun control will increase in scope and gun violence will increase in intensity, but not in scope:

Elsewhere in the program, Fund said the shooting was “a mental health issue as much as anything,” and pointed out that before the Newtown shooting, “the top three school shooting incidents in the world were not in the United States, the top three were in either Britain or Germany, which have extremely strict gun control laws — far stricter than anything in this country.”

To veer from this statist path would mean the dissolution of state sovereignty, at which point the anarchist state would be achieved. This would not be as asocial as it seems in post-apocalyptic fiction, but it would not be conducive to highly technicized endeavors in science, business, food production and distribution, military hardware, manufacturing, computer hardware, and entertainment.

The barbaric culture recycles its energy into itself; it does not expend energy on extensions into non-intuitive realms like science, but focuses instead on directly applied technology.


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