Burning Down the House

I don’t have a very constructive attitude towards race, because it is purely a statistical matter that only impacts certain physiological details. I have observed that a person who allows his own physiological details to dictate his path in life is inherently deficient in intelligence, adaptability, character, and will; and so I suggest that those attributes are not determined by physiology.

Every time I read stories about feral tribal killers and outraged tribal defenders, all I can see is the sociology of the dumb yet murmuring crowd, pressing anxiously to find a new spectacle to thrill them. This is the tribalism of the postmodern era, when the morally larval consumer–worker strives to find some identity “out there” that will arouse fake passions. The specific tribal identities are important, but only in a phenomenological sense, not in a determinative sense. I am not an idealist about racial equality; rather, I am a realist about cultural conditioning and natural sinfulness.

As a white man, I have often felt uneasy about the brooding rage of the random black man on the street or in the halls. But the only physical altercations I have ever confronted have involved a self-righteous, strutting white jerk who thinks he is enforcing some sort of social order. There is no paranoia or rage greater than that bubbling up from the self-important entitlement of an American white guy who thinks it is his personal responsibility to restore the proper order by insulting or beating on someone who seems to be socially lower in status. Such a person feels the whole weight of universal rightness and goodness bearing down upon him, compelling him to attack anyone who gets out of line. I’m sure there are plenty of black guys who do the same, but apparently I was always beneath their notice.

So, without ever having been racially an outsider, I would have to say I identify more with the viewpoint of the educated black social critic than with any “race realist” whining from some spoiled, arrogant white man. In real life, those kind of white men have always treated me with contempt, and so they deserve only my contempt.

I paint them with a broad brush, although I do not believe they are destined to always be arrogant and abusive; but I have no sympathy for them when they claim to be defending good manners, high culture, or modern civilization. There is no particular value in saving a culture that endorses random brutality, or even brutality designed to keep order. As to the argument that it is natural for white people to become brutal and lose all control of their “more highly evolved” sensibilities when in the presence of cultural outsiders — that, to me, is further evidence that your “civilization” deserves to burn in the same way as the Confederate States of America.


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