The Impossible Anarchist

Here is Tremblay thundering about the impossibility of Christian anarchism:

There is a system of thought called “Christian Anarchism,” which I have always tried to confront, despite a lot of reticence from other Anarchists to do so. It seems that they have some reverence for Christianity which prohibits them from realizing how absurd the idea of “Christian Anarchism” is. I put it in the same hole as “anarcho-capitalism”: just pure conceptual nonsense mascarading as a coherent ideology. . . .

It is impossible for the “Christian Anarchists” to come out of this dilemma without implicitly dropping either Christianity or Anarchism. Ideologically, it is a dead-end. It needs to be dropped and we must make clear that Anarchism is an ethical ideology with an ethical foundation which is diametrically opposite to that of Christianity.

Tremblay further clarifies the point here and here.

Of course, most Christians are in full agreement with Tremblay in saying that “Christian anarchism” is impossible. That is the main reason why I suspect the logic of his argument.

5 thoughts on “The Impossible Anarchist

    • I do not wish to give you a superficial answer, but I have not the time at present to address your posts point by point, after the manner of a disproof. So, for now, let them stand unrefuted.

      I could also pick apart my previous comment to you and explicate its meaning. That would probably not be sufficient for you, though.

      I can merely say that my natural inclination, when faced with an apparent dichotomy, is to seek anti-synthesis. You and your natural adversaries (the vast majority of ordinary Christians) both assert the impossibility of Christian anarchism. I hypothesize that what you have in common is a conception of hierarchy which contains certain assumptions about politics and idealism that I disagree with.

      Perhaps, after I have satisfied my current client, I can do more than spar briefly with half-baked comments. The deadline is February 1 for a deliverable, so unless I decide to avoid work, it would be after that.

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